MTBFv.0.45mono news: DirectX 11 Rendering,camera modes, physics fixes.Control balance changes. 360 trick removed.

New big landscapes(but lowpoly) for downhill. Motion blur. DOF. HDR.Shadows.Landscape bumpmapping.Sound.

Replay rider balance reactions full recorded now.


398 responses to “MTBFreeride

  1. So… I just finished now the DOWNHILL spawnpoint track… And it’s kind of small but really awesome, I love the little bumps during the ride that really remembers Downhill :D ………I’m just suggesting that you could make it longer :D ……..Oh My God I just can’t stop loving this game dude :D

  2. Sorry for the stupid question, but the manual doesn’t seem to explain how I play freeride in oculus rift mode? Every time I open it, it appears in non-rift mode, on both my rift and my cloned monitor. Thanks!

  3. There is a flaw in the control configuration. I accidentally changed some of the gamepad buttons and I am unable to reset back to default. Even after I deleted all of Desura data and reinstalled the game the configuration settings were still modified. I have no clue how to reset the configuration to default. I am using an XBOX controller for windows.

  4. Hi mtbfdeveloper, i was wondering if their would be any new maps, or a possibility for multimap integration… Also, if you do take up this idea, have you thought about doing an Urban map. Maybe down the streets of Los Angeles? Thanks

  5. So sad to see that the campaign isn’t uploaded yet, god i want this game in final version and perfectly workable with the OR. Hope you will make the campaign a reality one day ;)

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