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265 responses to “MULTIPLAYER

  1. This game is very amateurish in design and in coding. Both the physics and controls are the worst I have ever seen. I don’t know how this game claims to have a future when you need to completely redo all the code for the controls and physics of the bike and start over. Even the test builds show less hope of this project having decent code.

  2. beautiful game, for real riders. Tracks well made and realistics, I hope it is possible to use a xbox controller type, the keyboard control is too slow.

    • beacuse this is only a testing after 10 min game close beacuse its isn’t a full version If they gonna made a full ver then you can play for infinity


  3. In my opinion it is waay too easy to fall of the bike. This should be fixed. It’s really frustrating. Controller support would be really nice too. I tried configuring mine in the options but it was barely possible, if not completely.

  4. alguien tiene los archivos del juego con el ultimo update?? resulta que no puedo descargarlo al estar la pagina de desura en bancarota, si alguien es tan amable de pasarme algun link del juego actualizado se lo agradeceria

  5. ok heee verdad este juego es una demo pero es bueno para que engañarnos el juego cumple con sus bajos requisitos “cuando a mi pc no le corre ni minecraft” (para ser una demo es muy bueno) juego muy bueno para pc´s mierdas 😀

  6. Um is this project dead? I had a lot of hope for it and was counting on you guys to make an actual legit mountain bike game. There havent been any updates to the game in a couple years 😦 whats going on?

  7. This game is pretty cool… Its a bit glitch along with the flips and other movements but I’ve gotten pretty attached to the controls. I just managed to almost complete shuffle head… really fun game

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