138 responses to “MULTIPLAYER

  1. Really cool game if the the controls were alittle less responsive for the keyboard???maybe its really made for controller. if you can make this game feel like skate on a mountain bike it will be a killer game.

  2. Really cool game, it would be really cool if you could 360 and stuff like that and if we could play for more than 5 minutes without going to this damn page

  3. good game, would like a third person perspective, maybe some maps like redbull ramage. Maybe an option to purchase a full version so, that i can play the game without it stopping every 10 mins

  4. We offer you Bike VR it is the unique game controler for the personal computer which will allow you to feel the maximum adrenaline from driving on mountain routes. It is connected on USB. It is recommended to use from Oculus rift DK2.

    In a set there is a game MTB Freeride.

    If it is interesting to you, write me in detail I will tell everything and I will show.

  5. Whats going on with the game?? Are you still alive, its been a long time since you posted something i guess its not worth waiting anymore….

  6. Hey, I have searched for a game like this all my Life and finally it’s here. I have been going downhill since a few years back and there’s something missing. The maps are great, but they’re not realistic. The jumps are big but they doesn’t require any technique. It’s not all about the speed, it’s about how you transfer your weight before a jump and the way you pump those bumps. you should instead do the tracks more like real downhill and freeride tracks with gaps that are 2-10 meters and jumps that are 1-4 meters. I do also miss those sweeping velodromes and those walls that you can ride and drop down, also some rockgardens and a few meter high drops. If you made tracks more like that, it would give a feeling that your out riding the trails in your bikepark at home. I do also miss the suspension settings as my knowledge would tells me that the rebound stiffness is way too hard for these tracks and when ride the bigger jumps you want to be able to adjust the compression so it won’t bottom out directly. Last thing is that you should make the braking more even, so they are more effective from the begging and it shouldn’t make such a sudden stop when you hold it in.

    When you get this right, it will be the game of the year!

    Valentin Birant. a youtuber, has made some reviews different bikeparks. You should take contact with him and see if you can get some inspiration.

    • Personally this is an amazing game, maybe make the controls simpler, but otherwise an spectacular game that i really enjoy, i really feel like im down hill mtb when i play this game, the sound is spot on, maybe add a park builder or add more jumps and a few less turns into the game, also have other terain of maps than just mountains, like mtn down hill through the streets etc.

  7. other games pick up my xbox 360 controller (usb) but this one doesn’t recognise the buttons or anything when I try to remap a control.

  8. The camera (Head!) need to be deatached from the bike. The camera needs to behave like a human field of view. The choppy movement makes this almost unplayable. It’s disorienting. Cool effort otherwise :)

  9. Is there ever going to be an update? Or a fix for the Desura version, which is absolutely useless and unplayable, and doesn’t support controller. Can’t even contact you on Desura because it’s such a pathetic program that it won’t ever send me an email to verify my account or w/e. And there is no other way to contact those fuckwits.

  10. If a controler was usable and the physics of body movement actually allowed you to go down a hill without a million attempts. would probably buy this game. Otherwise 10+ yr old PS2 “downhill domination” has this beat in everything but graphics…

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