84 responses to “MULTIPLAYER

  1. How do you join the multiplayer ? I can’t find any server : after I written my name, i click on FINDSERVER0 and nothing happen. Could you help me ? maybe there is no server available when i try to play the multi..

  2. Hi there,

    Nic from WEARVR here.

    I wanted to let you know that we’re currently promoting your MTB Freeride demo: https://www.wearvr.com/#game_id=game_384

    We have also been promoting it on YouTube:

    I also wanted to check that you are happy with us hosting the download file. If you are – great. If you would prefer us not to host the download file, just let me know and we will redirect to the Oculus share site or another URL of your choice.

    Furthermore, if there are any other ways you would like us to promote your content (including upcoming), feel free to suggest.

    Many thanks,


    • c’est le principe d’une alpha, si tu sais lire c’est précisé “Multiplayer TEST” un peu partout.

      For the Dev : I still can’t find any server, any news about this?

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  4. yeah but still multiplayer would be so fun with friends if only he could release server files and direct connect

  5. ok im not big fan of MTB Freeride
    there are really bad changes…
    like:there were 4 bikers racing you,you could have a helmet,you was not falling that speed,and they removed the settings and like everyting,and they changed it to demo version and now its turning off every 10-15 minutes and there is not multiplayer yet,and the graphics just suck a little bit they are the same.

  6. This online version never worked! But i’m more than happy with the 0.55v! The new gameplay is not precise enough, with the old one i just gotta reverse the keys (bike on the left, rider on the right) and it’s perfect! Big fan of the game, if i were a better developper i’d offer you some help ^^

  7. When will we be able to whip? Also does anyone know when the full game comes out? because I can’t wait, it’s such a great game.

  8. Would be nice if the author could from time to time keep us posted. even if nothing specific happend. just so too know hes still alive and well

  9. Hey iam big fan of your game, I spent too much time playing your 0.45 version, which was total surprise for me when I played it for first time. Althought Iam a bit of disappointed with the current progress, iam gonna share with you my idea. 0.45 was huge and there was so many things to do, it was just like big sandbox.

    I wish you get back to 0.45 to polish it into masterpiece. Here is my idea on small improvement which could make the game yet more interesting. http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/12388255/

  10. je n’arrive pas a programmer ma manette xbox360 pour jouer avec le jeux.. impossible de mettre les joystick pour tournée.. vous avez des info dessus??

  11. Very good, but it has a long way to be perfect e.g. Bunny Hops, Getting out from a Bike and MiniMap and many more things…

  12. Game is fun but i realy hate low textue on the arms and unbalance in some jump … omfg why redirect me here all fuck time ? realy ?

    i not sure … just hope some one work on this nice idea

  13. Love it!
    But I don’t know if its just me but doesn’t the bike go too fast? The speed seems a little unrealistic

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