119 responses to “MULTIPLAYER

  1. Really cool game if the the controls were alittle less responsive for the keyboard???maybe its really made for controller. if you can make this game feel like skate on a mountain bike it will be a killer game.

  2. Really cool game, it would be really cool if you could 360 and stuff like that and if we could play for more than 5 minutes without going to this damn page

  3. good game, would like a third person perspective, maybe some maps like redbull ramage. Maybe an option to purchase a full version so, that i can play the game without it stopping every 10 mins

  4. We offer you Bike VR it is the unique game controler for the personal computer which will allow you to feel the maximum adrenaline from driving on mountain routes. It is connected on USB. It is recommended to use from Oculus rift DK2.

    In a set there is a game MTB Freeride.

    If it is interesting to you, write me in detail I will tell everything and I will show.

  5. Whats going on with the game?? Are you still alive, its been a long time since you posted something i guess its not worth waiting anymore….

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