Happy New Year – it`s gonna be a exciting one!

still1 redigert still8Hi everyone!

Hope you all are ready for some exciting news! It’s been a long time since our latest update, and I wanted to say thank you for all your feedback so far. I’ve tried to answer in the comments, please know that I take all your comments with me in the further development.

This post is dedicated to something really cool. I told you all that I partnered with a company in 2014. The company is Activetainment and the reason I partnered with them is because together we have developed this:

It’s the perfect match for MTB Freeride! The ebove bike moves up and down according to the terrain, and it also tilts sideways. It’s the closest you get to the outdoor experience, and it’s running MTB Freeride as it’s main software which gives an incredible realistic feeling. It’s also compatible with VR which is a truly immersive experience!

We launched our concept during CES in Las Vegas last week and we received very good feedback, we will open up for pre-orders really soon, aiming to ship within 2015!

And finally, do not worry about MTB Freeride as a stand-alone game, we’re working in the final stages, and I will bring you hopefully exciting news pretty soon about the release…

Keep the feedback flowing; also check us out on FB!still5 redigert

- Andrei and the Activetainment team

Release of MTB Freeride 2 demo


Drumroll baparapaparapa”

Finally everyone, we´re so stoked to release the new demo of MTB Freeride 2! This is a huge day, and we´re so happy to finally show you some of the stuff we have worked on this summer. We hope that you will enjoy the demo as much as we already do, and below we´ve highlighted some of the major upgrades.

  • It´s so much faster than the previous versions 0.3 and 0.4, It´s like going from driving a Lada to a Ferrari (no offence to Lada owners)!
  • We took the vegetation to a whole new level, to try and make it more realistic. We implemented 100 000 trees and improved the grass! More jumps and more obstacles have also been added to increase the difficulty.
  • The menu system is totally changed and improved. We have categorized the different paths, ranging from green to black, based on their difficulty. There are 11 different starting points and we have given them individual names. By the way, can you spot what all the names have in common?
  • The bike is more stable so the handling is better. The controls are the same as 0.3 version as we believe them to be the best so far!

As you all know, we need your feedback to develop, improve and finalize the game. This demo is made for you to test and try and we hope that you will give us feedback on the parts that you like and the things you want to improve or change. We will use your feedback to finalize the full version on MTB Freeride 2, which we hope to release on Steam before Christmas, at least that is what we are working on!

We are working on some pretty interesting stuff for the full version of MTB Freeride 2, amongst other things we will be adding a multiplayer function so that you can compete against each other, and we will also implement scorepoints, trickpoints and race times in addition to a time-trial version. You will also have the possibility to customize your bike and your rider so that you can be the awesomest freerider out there!

We are really looking forward to the continuation and we hope that you will stick with us, support us and hopefully buy the full version once ready! Remember to rate us and give us feedback!

NOTE: please uninstall previous version, if you have it from Desura.

NOTE2: Playtime is limited by 10 minutes. Just launch again to continue playing.

NOTE3: Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 now is SUPPORTED!

Little CONTROLS itroduction:

Arrows to turn, acceleration and soft brake. Just HOLD soft brake first time!

WASD for balance, Hold “S” to accumulate onground, 1 main camera, 2 realistic camera, 3 third person camera.

Switch “T” to unlock handlebar in air, so push “A” onground, then Right arrow half second before fly… this is 360.

F1 to see FPS statistics, “G” to walk.

ESC to main menu and select track.


Hi guys!
As promised the new demo version of MTB Freeride is soon ready for launch. We will have the latest version ready within two weeks, and you can expect a game that are better than ever. Your feedback will be used to finalize the full version of the game which I hope to release in November so please keep posting. I´m also developing on some other exciting projects (connected to MTB Freeride, and is more fun than Oculus) which I look forward to tell you more about later on. Also, we went on another trip to Hafjell bikepark in Norway, to see the World championship in downhill cycling and to get some more inspiration and record some more sounds. Anyway, we look forward to launch the latest demo version of MTB freeride .

Below you can see some screenshots of the new game, let me know what you think of it!


(click to see biger size!)


HAFJELL WORLD CUP PICS!Hafjell_2Hafjell_1fff3 IMG_8911 dddIMG_8937

Hafjell bike park in Norway

Hey guys,
The development of the game has really made ​​progress this summer and the game is now better and more fun than ever, so hope you all look forward to playing it.
I will very soon inform you when you can expect to be able to download the new version of the game so stay tuned. As always, your feedback on the new version will be highly appreciated and I will use it to finalize the full version of the game!

To improve the game I visited Hafjell bike park in Norway this summer.
The aim of the trip was to get some more inspiration to the game, record some sounds, and of course improve my downhill skills.
Below you can see photos from the trip!


MTB Freeride is Back in Development!

Hi guys!
I´m happy to say that MTB Freeride is back in development and I have been developing for some time now! I´m also happy to say that I´m now being backed by a Norwegian company who, like you guys, also see the big potential in MTB Freeride. Their team of unique programmers and developers now work together with me on the development! Therefore I now have more resources and more capacity to make MTB Freeride better than ever. Everything about the game is being upgraded, from the visuals to the coding behind.
Below you can see some new screenshots of the upcoming game!
As always, your feedback is highly appreciated and it´s thanks to you this game have become what it is. You will see a lot more from me in the coming future, so stay tuned!


Hi, People! Thanx4you!!!
New version 0.4 is almost ready!
Now I make some tests and corrections.
Sorry, I have so not enough time for video presentation or simple screenshot!
Sorry! I cant post reply for your questions.
Ok, the new features of v.0.4:

offline multiplayer for 5 players
vote system
physics fixes:)
air control return
new freeride map
xbox360 controller full support with feedback
replay camera placement

Release date Jule,19-21.

MTB Freeride VR Coming Soon (with Oculus Rift Support)

There has been some confusion about this. Andrei had previously linked to a Oculus Rift downloadable version of MTB Freeride.

However, this older version was not secure like our Desura download and it also caused confusion when players downloaded the game from Desura and expected VR to work. There was no Oculus VR on that version.

Therefore we’ve decided the best thing we can do is to include Oculus Rift support in the Desura version and to take down the old insecure VR version of MTB Freeride.

Please continue to be patient while we work as fast as possible to get the new version to you. (This includes many shiny things.)