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265 responses to “MULTIPLAYER

  1. suggestion- you should build a forum like mx simulator where people can make tracks post them and bike models and skins

  2. I thinks the game needs better controls adding in things like bunny hopes as a single key also I think that to stick a landing on the game should be slightly esayer and my main bug bare is the leaning with turning there needs to be a limit in place as as you turn round a berm holding the key is just gets tighter an tighter were as it should just haold a a maximum that is useable. then there th rediculass lean in this situaltio to it make the game very unplayable for some courses as you lean to the floor and the fall of your bike I think ther should be the option to restart from were you crashed maybe a rewind fuction like certain car games would be great.

  3. Plz add some veeeery easy maps like riding on almost flat forest trails. I need this to get used to controls, game mechanics and just look around.
    And stop opening this page after I quit the game, guys, this is not funny.

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