WHAT NEW? Valparaiso street style micro level with detailed physical stairs; New sounds and fixes; Bike Color Customizations elements; New ramps and slopes; XBox fixes+vibration;

Thanx for your waiting!

This is TEST Build, with turned graphics off and for keyboard&XBox controller testing only.


360(ultra easy), whip, turn sensitivity adjustment, small controls updates, GOOD helmet! multiple camera modes(press “1” again and again), visual updates.


Please, select track and follow instructions.

Also, some new features: third view updates, bike suspension setup, WASD-arrows swap, air conservation again, crazy physical bunny hop, stable 360, trial section, crash test section, corrected OculusRift support.


144 responses to “TEST CONTROLS BUILD

    • what of how sais it that you cant? For me there is just a dwonload icon and then it says that it is too large to be checed for viruses by GoogleDrive itself. but I can just DL it

  1. it works but would be better on control pad twin sticks. this could be first great DH game since DHdomination. greta stuff kep it up guys.

  2. not bad, needs to make assignments in game, be nice to have a progressive front and back brake,using triggers and tap (a) to pedal , keep up good work, jumps r great fun

  3. So far so good, just a couple flaws. If you haven’t already and I’m sure this has been suggested multiple times, make it compatible with a controller. It is also really easy to crash, even when you’re lined up perfectly with the trail you’re riding, if you know what I mean. This game has some serious potential. Great game.

  4. Hey , I downloaded MTB Freeride from Desura’s site! Really awesome game ,has great potential ! I can’t wait for the full version!
    One problem.I saw some videos on Youtube that had nothing to do with the version I got…
    I think I got an older version from Desura’s site and I can’t find the version that some Youtubers have…!
    In my version the turn sensitivity is buggie and there aren’t any awesome visual like I saw on Youtube.
    I thinks I’m looking for v1.45 .Where can I find it?

    • here you go, my collection of the !original! zip-files, containing:


      mtbfr345.zip: hugefiles.net/zjrdmq6g78vj

  5. The game would be much better if the players can assemble without their own bike and create your own tracks

  6. We offer you Bike VR it is the unique game controler for the personal computer which will allow you to feel the maximum adrenaline from driving on mountain routes. It is connected on USB. It is recommended to use from Oculus rift DK2.

    In a set there is a game MTB Freeride.

    If it is interesting to you, write me in detail I will tell everything and I will show.

  7. mtb2 demo was good, better than this, theres less tracks, controls are feeling weird, pysics doesnt work, shading and brightnes are glitching, textures and tracks arent complete and are so short

  8. The controls of Test 1 are Great, the best!
    The controls of ValParaíso are total shit, does not look like real, are very unconfortable.

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