MTB Freeride Version 1.0 Expected Late 2014

  • Details to follow.

MTB Freeride Version 0.5 – Expected 07.14

  • Improve Graphical Quality – Done 09.05.14
  • Bike Customisation
  • Improve Menu System (requirement for Oculus Share approval)
  • Improve Current Level (with new features, tracks and pieces of the previous level)

MTB Freeride Version .45 – Done 09.02.14

RiftSuit Trial Mode – Done 28.01.14

Test and Upload Virtual Reality Build – Done 28.01.14

New Video – Done 24.12.13

Oculus Rift Integration – Done 22.12.13

Razer Hydra Integration – Done 22.12.13


60 responses to “Plans

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  2. Wanted to let you know that perhaps instead of going the kickstarter way, you may also consider using this: for your funding. Ow, if you are looking for an enthousiast game designer (level design, QA, etc) then I’d be happy to help on this awesome project 😀 .

  3. I cant run it anymore after the last update! It used to run smooth at 30-40 frames on minimum and now its down under 10! its a sweet game though, best of luck!

  4. Sick game! Iam big fan of this project, will we have some chance in future to financially support this project to make it even better? Thx, and good luck.

  5. this game looks mega!! just what im looking for is a top mtb game this is the only 1 out there so I hope u can release a full version soon, im hoping youl make it 3rd person view aswell as 1st so u can see the bike if u customise it tht would be cool, and try and get this on the ps4 please!!

      • Yeap, thats what i am gonna do. I am waiting for this too long as everybody over here. I dont know why did he say the new update will come on the end of july when 2 moth later he didnt even tell us that hes gonna late with it. It make so sense to wait for it at all

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