You can find an early PDF version of the manual here.

You will require Adobe Reader to open the document locally.


10 responses to “Manual

  1. hi i was playing and i wanted to try rift suit and when i start the game it asked me seting so i did and then i clicked play and so i starts up it gives logo and i pick track and that it gives me options and quit but weres menu for rift suit please help?

  2. The game is phenomenal, but some of the settings don’t work and I’ve never seen any option for the rift suit. The game is great and I would pay for it if it wasn’t free

  3. awesome fun game but joysticks dont seem to work on my xbox controller on the latest update. what should the input settings be?

  4. any idea of how to jump? i`ve being setting controls before start but i think it dosen`t work.

    alguna idea de como hacer para saltar? he estado cambiando los controles en el menú antes de empesar pero no funciona

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