Crazy Jumping Contest


Started: 09.02.2014


Make and land an amazing jump. Backflip as many times as you can!

Winners are awarded the future full version of MTB Freeride. A youtube video, game data and contact details must be supplied.



1. Start at the ´MainHill´ spawning point.

2. Go to the ´Contest´ marker then drop to first ramp and do a backflip.

3. A good landing and entry onto second ramp will be required.

4. Select the ´Replay´ button and make a video recording (avoid pressing Enter, Backspace or Restart).

5. Exit the game and backup the SavedData.dat file in the MTB directory. This contains your game data and is required as proof.


Post the video of the replay on Youtube along with the .dat file. (A first person video is not required.)


Winners are awarded the future full version of MTB Freeride. A youtube video, game data and contact details must be supplied.


40 responses to “Crazy Jumping Contest

  1. OMG! this is really nice ! ever thought about Steam Greenlight ? I would pay 20€ for a Version with maybe 25 Tracks and improved graphics ! good Job !

  2. Awards: MTBFreeride 1.0 pro?????? Dude, that makes me really want to participate… But I can barely land the 2nd jump 😦 …..I like the track after that jump when you turn left though 😀

  3. So sad to see that the campaign isn’t uploaded yet, god i want this game in final version and perfectly workable with the OR. Hope you will make the campaign a reality one day 😉

  4. I’m very sorry I don’t got the saved_data , I wasn’t planning to record, or compete that day… I really hope this can get in 😀 5 frontflips, the best I could to the day 😀 And, with all the respect, will it be okay if I call you Surin? 😀 Please, put me in the Contest 😀 Greetings

  5. When will the game work with PS3 controller? i realy want this becuse it makes everything easyr! please add this if you havent added it ! thanks!!!! (sorry bad english)

    • I got it to work with my ps3 controller using a program called DS3.
      look it up on google and get it its really great

      • Hi, i do use DS3 but there is a problem. When i try using it with the controller i cant accelerat (go forward or backwards) i cant look around. the only things i can do is to leen forward and backwards. And i dont know how to change the settings

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