Happy New Year – it`s gonna be a exciting one!

still1 redigert still8Hi everyone!

Hope you all are ready for some exciting news! It’s been a long time since our latest update, and I wanted to say thank you for all your feedback so far. I’ve tried to answer in the comments, please know that I take all your comments with me in the further development.

This post is dedicated to something really cool. I told you all that I partnered with a company in 2014. The company is Activetainment and the reason I partnered with them is because together we have developed this:

It’s the perfect match for MTB Freeride! The ebove bike moves up and down according to the terrain, and it also tilts sideways. It’s the closest you get to the outdoor experience, and it’s running MTB Freeride as it’s main software which gives an incredible realistic feeling. It’s also compatible with VR which is a truly immersive experience!

We launched our concept during CES in Las Vegas last week and we received very good feedback, we will open up for pre-orders really soon, aiming to ship within 2015!

And finally, do not worry about MTB Freeride as a stand-alone game, we’re working in the final stages, and I will bring you hopefully exciting news pretty soon about the release…

Keep the feedback flowing; also check us out on FB!still5 redigert

– Andrei and the Activetainment team


20 responses to “Happy New Year – it`s gonna be a exciting one!

  1. I like the previous versions, such as 0.45, the graphics were better, and more realistic controls, but the realistic view of this new version is a major breakthrough.
    If the controls are too easy, the game loses reality simulation and becomes more like a simple game.
    Keep Improoving, thats the word!
    I’d like to know if theres how to do the replay on this new demo, and show a menu.

  2. I am really waiting for new version and this poject looks awesome!

    And while im waiting for the new version i am just playing v0.3 and learning some tricks.

  3. Awesome stuff! Is the ebove also suitable for bmx racing? E.g. would it properly detect pumping and manualing, can it rise/fall many times per second as is the case on the technical sections of a bmx track? Do you know of any plans to implement software for that?

    • Bmx racing, have you experimented anything with that? If so, it would be awesome to have a few eboves in my coming VR activity centre since there is a bmx racing club in my city and a lot of interested kids.

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