Release of MTB Freeride 2 demo


Drumroll baparapaparapa”

Finally everyone, we´re so stoked to release the new demo of MTB Freeride 2! This is a huge day, and we´re so happy to finally show you some of the stuff we have worked on this summer. We hope that you will enjoy the demo as much as we already do, and below we´ve highlighted some of the major upgrades.

  • It´s so much faster than the previous versions 0.3 and 0.4, It´s like going from driving a Lada to a Ferrari (no offence to Lada owners)!
  • We took the vegetation to a whole new level, to try and make it more realistic. We implemented 100 000 trees and improved the grass! More jumps and more obstacles have also been added to increase the difficulty.
  • The menu system is totally changed and improved. We have categorized the different paths, ranging from green to black, based on their difficulty. There are 11 different starting points and we have given them individual names. By the way, can you spot what all the names have in common?
  • The bike is more stable so the handling is better. The controls are the same as 0.3 version as we believe them to be the best so far!

As you all know, we need your feedback to develop, improve and finalize the game. This demo is made for you to test and try and we hope that you will give us feedback on the parts that you like and the things you want to improve or change. We will use your feedback to finalize the full version on MTB Freeride 2, which we hope to release on Steam before Christmas, at least that is what we are working on!

We are working on some pretty interesting stuff for the full version of MTB Freeride 2, amongst other things we will be adding a multiplayer function so that you can compete against each other, and we will also implement scorepoints, trickpoints and race times in addition to a time-trial version. You will also have the possibility to customize your bike and your rider so that you can be the awesomest freerider out there!

We are really looking forward to the continuation and we hope that you will stick with us, support us and hopefully buy the full version once ready! Remember to rate us and give us feedback!

NOTE: please uninstall previous version, if you have it from Desura.

NOTE2: Playtime is limited by 10 minutes. Just launch again to continue playing.

NOTE3: Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 now is SUPPORTED!

Little CONTROLS itroduction:

Arrows to turn, acceleration and soft brake. Just HOLD soft brake first time!

WASD for balance, Hold “S” to accumulate onground, 1 main camera, 2 realistic camera, 3 third person camera.

Switch “T” to unlock handlebar in air, so push “A” onground, then Right arrow half second before fly… this is 360.

F1 to see FPS statistics, “G” to walk.

ESC to main menu and select track.


76 responses to “Release of MTB Freeride 2 demo


    PD: I miss the sound of crashes hahaha and the space bar brake is a little forced, but in general the game incredible!! Thanks!!

      • I`ve been playing this game a lot. The control on the rider is simply put : Amazing . One major thing that i noticed, is the camera angle 1. If it would be more loose ( just a little bit, it would give a better control perception). Somewhere between the 1 and 2 camera would do the job. The arrow brake is brilliant, the menu is amazing as well as the graphics. Really amazing work !

  2. Please, UNINSTALL previous game version!!!
    Sorry XBox360 Controller doesn’t work at the moment, will be fixed soon.
    New recorded sound of crashes is not finished, sorry. Next time.

    • Is there any way I can clear the default controller assignments so I can re-assign them using third party software such as xpadder? I’m willing to dig into the code if need be. Cheers and excellent work the game is looking better than ever. definatly be buying the finished version. Will give a full assesment when I’ve got my controller set-up just right!

    • yeah, I was expecting some more inovation in 0.45 version controls, not step back to prehistoric ski games controls. Now it feels like controling a lazy dummy. But who would play it since 90% of people does not have time or brain to learn controls properly. Make it as easy as possible so primitive people cant complain…. Also free walk mode does not work for me, together with new position to respawn. (but probably not allowed in this version) also crash sound is missing. I get serious lags when passing the menu tracks. That controls does not feel as real as in last version, which was one of the main reason I enjoyed this game together with open world with so many ways to enjoy it. I will give it more testing soon, these are just my first expressions.

  3. wow…. you didt alot 🙂 worth waiting for.. only played 30min,, but feels great.

    but can you plz remove the 10 min gametimer??? ;D please?

  4. Great job ! the new graphics are very nice and this menu is a good idea. But i think there are some things to improve :

    – All the bunny up don’t work for me, it’s normal ?
    – The brakes are to diffcult to control. The “sharp brake” is too on/off if we press too long the space bar, and the soft brake is not enough efficient.
    – I think the sensation of speed is to strong and not really realistic.It’s very diffcult to control the bike in steep slopes

    Thanks for this game !

  5. Nice new lines, but will you please remove this f*** Internet explorer multi pop-up after closing the game? I hate IE like i hate motocross on MTB trails.
    If we’re playing the demo it means we already know this page anyway… so a pop-up to this site is useless

    • Plus i can’t bunny hop, the game works perfect but crashes in the middle of a trail, then i got 10 IE pop ups
      Oh and please include some fest series lines on the next version, i’ll pay 30 bucks for it! And an actual DH track with multiplayer like you did a few versions before! Love your game, keep making us dream!

  6. great game!
    i really like the grafics improvment but had some problems with changes made to the controls: bunny hop button.
    2. cant really get what i want from the brakes. (space is too strong and soft break is too weak).
    3.i get that the changes made to the balancing system are supposed to make this game more aproachable, but to me it completly removes the realistic feel it had before.
    i think you might be able to get the same result by creating a tutorial system explaining the mechanics of bicycle riding and seperating the different main actions a player has to make in order to stay on the bike (cornering, jumping, landing etc..)

    thank you for developing this. i really really enjoy the game. but i have to say i liked the last version better

  7. there are a lot of improvements here but the control scheme did not need changing. its just horrible now. and with no analogue steering with my pad any more its to me unplayable. it looks great and i am sure it could be great but i would like the old version back also. it felt more natural. this is broken currently.

  8. Here are my few points.


    Biggest problem I see is the new controling which has lost all the realisticity. Now it feels like spinning the steering wheel. Also the position of first person camera is weird, i like the old one which was much closer to the bars (together with options for customized position) it makes the hands looking funny and long. Also I miss the blurry camera when going fast, which was pretty realistic and empowering the feel of speed. Also I it seems that bike suspension is not very acurate, since iam crashing too much often when landing on my rear wheel first. So some bike options would be very apreciated.

    Iam begging for at least 2 driving modes for selection, The new one (considered as ARCADE and the 0,45 version controls as REALISTIC. And both type of players would be happy.


    I like the idea of menu system but I get serious lag every time I move the cursor over any track names. I like smoothness :D.


    New map looks awsome! But I quite miss the open areas like the huge mountains you had in previous version. It was fun to try different paths at high speed, which reminded me Red Bull Rampage. Also theres too many trees on some places. I hate trees :D.


    I loved the freedom in the previous version. You could have acessed almost every place you wanted, set spawn point and drive it way down, in many ways or if you wanted move to any place fast you used the wing suit. Which was pretty sick game element. So I miss the spawn place ability. Without that its not that fun and youre very limited for what you can ride.

    I was begging for some kind of environment editability in the previous version discussion. You could have moved rocks and tree trunks, which could have been pretty sick feature if it was improved. Building things that you could ride, OOOH!
    Also I was begging for possibility to put by clicking or somehow a wooden ramps (when off the bike just by clicking add a ramps of few styles, (kicker, sender, quater, etc with few different radiuses etc) in front of you on desired place and also to have a little abbilities to correct the position. There is alot nice landings without jumps and anyone could build his own unique trails. Saving the objects at the places where you added them forever (not just until respawn like its now) would be key improvement.


    I hope there will be at least the same camera replay system as in previous version. Would be cool to make your own static camera and save it as you had statics preset on just few places.

    New map looks awsome but rest seems like you trimmed the old version to the bone. All the awsome abilities are missing and than theres just few preset paths you can ride with unreal controls. Like you were transfering this awsome sandbox into corridor shooter.

    I hope you just had too much work with the creating of the terrain, and now you will polish the game mechanics around which makes this game so unique.

    These are my few points from few hours of playing. Keep working on this awsome game. Although iam quite disappointed from the direction this game is going I still love it!

    • yep, this is absolutely true! no option for open world (the red bull rampage feeling), no replays and the more unrealistic controls going in the exact wrong direction i’d like this game to be in a final version. but the new camera angle is great! it feels more realistic so see the arms.

      i hope that the missing features are only because of the shitload of work on this new version and you will implement these features back.
      anyway, big thanks for your work! i really enjoy the game.

      • Thanks for big response! We’ll try to fix all points. Please, try camera 2. It should be more realistic like 4.5. Camera 1 is hard connected to frame, so it looks rigid.

  9. Hmm… something feels REALLY off with this build. I’m trying not to be overly critical but this really feels like a step backwards. The controls feel incredibly jerky (yet way more arcade-ish). So, it’s harder to wreck but gives me a headache because it’s not smooth like in previous builds. Maybe it’s giving me a headache too because the camera angles have been changed? I cycled through them but none of them feels like the old builds.

    The graphics actually look worse to me (as an overall impression). I can easily see that textures and models of things have been increased but now there’s no atmospheric effects so it all feels plastic and unreal. The sense of speed in the previous builds was palpable. Here… it feels lifeless and cold.

    I’m still excited for this game but man, this build really felt like a gut punch to me. Hopefully it’s because this is an early version of a new build? Idk…

    • Thanks. Please, try camera 2. It should be more realistic like 4.5. Camera 1 is hard connected to frame, so it looks rigid.
      Dont know, why you feel graphics like that. Sure it’s simpler than 4.5, but works 5 time faster!
      As for effects, motion blur and color correction will be returned, and full realtime shadows may be too.

  10. I just tried it out on the oculus rift dk2. It seems like it would be pretty fun but it had a few problems. There was no positional tracking and everything warped when I moved my head around (fov of 90?). Also the it recenters after you crash, so I had to make sure to look forward after crashing or my view would be off.

  11. Wow. Looking amazing. Do you guys have any plans for extending this to consoles (i.e. xbox 360, PS3 etc? That would be unbelievably awesome. Great work though

  12. Great game but I have some constructive critisism. 1. The Clipping! It BUUUUUUUURNS 2. The crash cam should probably be on the head. Not some invisible disembodied head. 3. I actually think the enviorments are a step DOWN. Floating platforms… Really? And ultiple other problems. Like falling off the map. I understand that this is a tech-demo. But I just thought I would input the ONLY things I see wrong with the game.

  13. I have the same problem as RebelKeithy: when I play the game on the Rift DK2, motion and positional tracking work, but the FOV seems off. Makes it seem like you’re looking through a de-magnifing glass. Is there any way of modifying the FOV?

  14. Ok guys, some general recommendations for current build:
    try camera 2, by pressing”2″. It’s more realistic, cause camera 1 is strongly attached to bike frame. Actually controls realy much easier, but I just bring back a little control in air, as a lot of player ask to return after 0.35 version.
    Please, use soft brakes by 5/back arrow. “Space” brakes doesn’t works properly.

  15. The latest version was just beautiful but why not incorporate some urban downhill in future versions? I think it will permit to increase the potential of this huge fair game !!

  16. I am a avid enduro/downhiller and absolutely love this game! I would very much like to see this game be everything it can be. That being said there are a number of things i would like to bring forth that i feel are the most prevalent issues. I understand that ts very unlikely that you have a giant development team backing you so i dont want to pick this game apart but here is my feedback:

    Development feedback:
    Game is awesome! Definitely a number of bugs tho… physics are good but not where they need to be. im sure you guys are working on tweaking and perfecting. I hope so cuz this game has so much potential.

    Side Note: I am using a keyboard and standard screen (no occulus… yet anyway.) not sure if some of these issues are present with a controller…

    Notable issues:
    Physics are unforgiving and quirky. It seems that the rider crashes at times when he shouldn’t and doesnt crash when he should.
    Sometimes the bike jerks left or right when turning
    Rider/bike/terrain/ relationship is not accurate. (hard to explain but when off camber or descending while turning and/or braking the bike acts very goofy.)
    Center of gravity physics when leaning forward or backward are not accurate. (when stopped while pointing down a hill i can lean back and the front tire comes of the ground and while stopped and pointing up a hill i can lean forward and the rear tire comes off the ground. This is obviously not real world accurate.
    Bike is very difficult to control when going fast and seems to accelerate to out of control speeds too quickly
    Brakes need more resolution for fine tuning control while descending steep terrain
    Rider physics are very basic and need to be improved with more resolution for forward, backward and side to side leaning;
    as well as bike physics to improve suspension damping and traction control when braking to prevent bike from turning sideways.

    Notable bugs:
    Camera 1 & 2 sees through rider and it is very distracting

    Needed additions:
    Rear 3rd person camera as opposed to just the side cam
    ragdoll rider physics
    Independent rider and bike physics
    More advanced rider and bike physics

    Will continue to leave detailed feedback since im addicted to this game! GREAT JOB to ALL Involved. Keep up the good work!

    • One more note:
      Brakes and suspension are the most important aspects of a downhill bike and without these its pointless. So aside from an advanced, independent rider physics model, the brake and suspension physics need as much love as possible to make this game real world accurate while still allowing it to be fun too play. The more control the better! Thanks so much for this game!

      I very much look forward to following your progress! Much love to you guys and gals working on this!

  17. ok, so i’m waiting for x-box 360 controller vertion, this one with keyboard is unplayeble. At least with Oculus on your head.

    But immertion is just stunning.

  18. ow, you said that you gonna change the controls don’t you? please ,dont change the controls of xbox 360 controller, the camera is with a bug, i dont know how to tell that because i dont know english very well,sorry, thank you for attention, i hope you read this, bye

  19. so. play a whole lot more.
    one thing that would make the game so much better, would be the ability to carry your bike on the back while walking.. so many great spots i cant get to ( i think 🙂 )
    the custom starting position from the version before, was so great, + a replay feature. and the ability to save replays.
    and by the god,, remove the 10 min playtimer, i know its a demo,, but we just want to play your game 😀

    cant wait to see what you come up with in the future.

      • yeah agree, the free walk mode with carying your bike together with save position was so great last version. Also the ability to move stones, tree trunks and wooden decks was pretty awsome in last version. If you could make new jumps from the stuff around and save it there forever would be absolutly inovating (also to have a renge of different kicker wooden jumps so you could chose the right radius and put it anywhere you want and ride it. Iam begging for this since my first play.

  20. I love this game so much! However, this version doesn’t have the same charm that version 0.3 has. I’m stoked to hear you guys decided to go with 0.3’s handling though, it’s easily the best. While its easier to control the bike, this version really reduces the sense of danger or risk of crashing that there is, so it sort of makes tricks less satisfying and exciting to land. I know you guys have a lot of work to do, but I hope you continue in the direction that 0.3 laid out with regards to how real it feels on the bike. Keep up the awesome development!

  21. Things you could improve:

    Difficult to make a whip and 360, space bar brake very strong, replay mode, leaning on curves is difficult, add sounds like crash sound, control in real camera (2) is harder than main camera (1), impossible to ride with third person camera (3), some jump receptions poorly finished, more fluency in general and It would be nice to make longer circuits like real life with different level routes and best finish. Also it would be nice to add tests.

    The rest is perfect! I’m really enjoying the game, thank you very much!! ;D

  22. Thanks for the game dude it’s really nice! I had injuries on mtb week ago and now i can play it on my computer…thanks! Hopê you continue this game!! Give us some news 😉

  23. any news about 1.0?
    late 2014 is gone 🙂
    im checking this site everyday.. it would be nice just to get a heads up to where this is going?

  24. I’m a little late but this is a damn shame. This update SUCKS, menu and replay functions are now broken and the controls are blocky and awful. What were you thinking not allowing the other versions to be downloadable? I was following this game but what in the actual fuck dude?

  25. hi, i have some issues with the controls.when i change the input bunny hop commands don t work!

    and the options menu is not unavailable so i cant change the bike settings

  26. This game is awesome and all but I think it lacks some features that may make the game more fun such as being able to set a spawn point. The only thing that is annoying in this game is that once you discover something cool, like a jump, you often want to try to jump a few times and that’s hard because of you having to go back to that place from one of the default spawnpoints every single time.

    I’ve been following this game almost since the very beginning and I know that it had this feature before so I don’t know why it disappeared. ;/

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