MTB Freeride 2 Demo

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to give you a quick notice that the demo of MTB Freeride 2 has been uploaded on Desura and we are waiting for approval, hopefully we will get this today or tomorrow! So please keep in there, the game is better than ever! I will write a new post as soon as it´s approved!


21 responses to “MTB Freeride 2 Demo

  1. Ahh Yeahhhh!

    Great news! Thanks a lot for giving us mountainbikers a great riding experience for when we are not able to ride for real due to injury or stuff. I love this game! it looks awesome!

  2. Development feedback: Game is awesome! Definitely a number of bugs tho… physics are good but not where they need to be. im sure you guys are working on tweaking and perfecting. I hope so cuz this game has so much potential.

    Side Note: I am using a keyboard and standard screen (no occulus… yet anyway.) not sure if some of these issues are present with a controller…

    Notable issues:
    Physics are unforgiving. It seems that the rider crashes at times when he shouldn’t.
    Sometimes the bike jerks left or right when turning
    Bike is very difficult to control when going fast
    brakes need more resolution for fine tuning control while descending steep terrain
    Rider physics are very basic and need to be improved with more resolution for forward, backward and side to side leaning;
    as well as bike physics to improve suspension damping and traction control when braking to prevent bike from turning sideways.

    Notable bugs:
    Camera 1 & 2 sees through rider and is very distracting

    Needed additions:
    Rear 3rd person camera as opposed to just the side cam

    will continue to leave detailed feedback since im addicted to this game!

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