Hi guys!
As promised the new demo version of MTB Freeride is soon ready for launch. We will have the latest version ready within two weeks, and you can expect a game that are better than ever. Your feedback will be used to finalize the full version of the game which I hope to release in November so please keep posting. I´m also developing on some other exciting projects (connected to MTB Freeride, and is more fun than Oculus) which I look forward to tell you more about later on. Also, we went on another trip to Hafjell bikepark in Norway, to see the World championship in downhill cycling and to get some more inspiration and record some more sounds. Anyway, we look forward to launch the latest demo version of MTB freeride .

Below you can see some screenshots of the new game, let me know what you think of it!


(click to see biger size!)


HAFJELL WORLD CUP PICS!Hafjell_2Hafjell_1fff3 IMG_8911 dddIMG_8937


37 responses to “News

  1. The game looks really cool! I can’t wait to play the full version! When are we, the competition winners, going to get our full game??

  2. Looks great, one thing that would make the game so much better (if you have not implemented it in this upcoming version already) is if the suspension moved while you are in first person. That would add to the realism a lot!
    Also, if I go in higher qualities than FastAdaptive, I always seem to see black lines everywhere. Any idea why that is happening?
    Anyway great game I am looking forward to the upcoming release!

  3. il never give up 😀 but it would be nice to know what your working on..
    just a simple.. i found a few problems. or, its getting pushed, because of personal reasons, or. this idea is so amassing, i want it in the demo..
    cant wait to try the new release

    • Me to 😀 .Yeah agree, also some more continuos info from developing, screenshots, etc would be pretty nice to keep fans excited for the final product.

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