MTB Freeride is Back in Development!

Hi guys!
I´m happy to say that MTB Freeride is back in development and I have been developing for some time now! I´m also happy to say that I´m now being backed by a Norwegian company who, like you guys, also see the big potential in MTB Freeride. Their team of unique programmers and developers now work together with me on the development! Therefore I now have more resources and more capacity to make MTB Freeride better than ever. Everything about the game is being upgraded, from the visuals to the coding behind.
Below you can see some new screenshots of the upcoming game!
As always, your feedback is highly appreciated and it´s thanks to you this game have become what it is. You will see a lot more from me in the coming future, so stay tuned!



13 responses to “MTB Freeride is Back in Development!

  1. Problem is that it is to hard to control the bike. It is to fast and steering is to sensitive. There is no need for such good graphics, multiplayer or that razer oculus if simple controlling the bike isn’t good. Also third person camera would be nice and it would be easier to play.

      • btw. in the 0.45 version steering is a bit weird, in older version you would follow your bike leaning into a corner, now it seems that you just stay in one place and bike goes by herself, besides that there is really no bad things i would say about this game its just epic 😉

  2. you are the best you créate the one best games of mtb thanks x1.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…………………………………………

    Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 13:19:27 +0000 To:

  3. Its quite easy when you get into (at least for me). However sometimes in sharp turns with some hard terrain its hard to not crash. Just stop pedalling when youre going enough fast for . In real life you dont pedal all the time too. Its simulator not arcade 😀 . You can also edit the sensitivity of handlebar turning in options, but in some rough terrain it does not help much more. Probably more bike settings would be good so anyone could optimize the bike for what kind of stuff he wants ride. No way this is the most sophisticated mtb game out there. Good to hear its still in progress, and there is still time for good improvements. Cant wait for the final product!

  4. Mac compatible? or app stoooooore for v4!! this is awesome, so many people would pay for this. Lets get it marketed! You should also look into recreation of famous tracks, Fort william or Whistler A-line would be easier. Would be so intense! looks amazing though guys, and can see it getting better each version. Looking forward to the future of this title!

  5. Hi,

    IS it possible to force aa (msaa+sgss) for this game instead of the awful fxaa? been trying through inspector but the flag I found online (for unity games) is not working.. it’s 0x004000C1, but no luck, tried all options.

  6. my few points.

    1.0. terrain editing

    Have you considered implementing some kind of terrain editor in game? WOuld be fun to get in hand a shovel or sit into digger and built own jumps or rebuilt existing stuff (hha probably unrealisable but this would bring the game into the next level I guess) I know that you can move some objects like tree trunks or wooden boards, rocks but its super hard to put it on the place you want when you want do some ramp. Also the problem is that moved objects disapeare for original place with every respawn. Also I would appreciate the possibility to cut some trees, because there is alot gnar undiscovered natural jumps which are not ridable because of trees. Would be cool to get off your bike, take chainsaw and cut some trees with some cool animation.( Next level would be that you could build jumps and stuff from the stuff you cut/dig/find in woods like in a real world. I know youre pretty small team for such game mechanics but who knows 😀 ).I had dreams of such game since I was young.

    1.1 ramps

    Back to reality. I would like the possibility to put by clicking or somehow a wooden ramps (when off the bike just by clicking add a ramps of few styles, (kicker, sender, quater, etc with few different radiuses etc) in front of you on desired place and also to have a little abbilities to correct the position. There is alot nice landings without jumps and anyone could build his own unique trails. Saving the objects at the places where you added them forever (not just until respawn like its now) would be key improvement.

    2. Transfering (jumping into 90 degrees left or right)

    I quite miss abbility to land a jump which had landing turned about 90 degrees to the take off position. I know that you can push left shift to get look back or start 360 but riders reactions are pretty slow. Some special keyboard button for this kind of move would be nice.

    3. More bikes and customizations

    Maybe its my problem but that ingame bike looks a bit old shool :D. I would rather see some remake or copy of some of the real top DH mechines (I dont know how good modeler you are). By the way, that first person view with fork is perfect perfect.
    Maybe adding abbility to change colors/craft/buy some of the main parts like fork or frame. Also having a little of ability to customize the riders gear would nice.

    4. Crashing

    Crashing in slow motion with cameras is fun. But sometimes crash looks weird especially shen his legs got ejected from bike like he pushed “bike exiting” button :D.

    5. Cameras

    I miss ability to create your own static camera with zooming option, like the existing cameras along the main track.

    third person camera which is moving with the rider have some issues when doing backflips and fronts.( it shakes and changes position in some point of rotation, probably because its fixed to the rider). Also You can see under map in some crash positions.

    6. Life

    Add wildlife so the world does not look that abandoned :D. I know there are few creepy clones of the main hero.

    7. Tricks

    What about to add few more tricks. I know you can do 360s and eccentric flips but its quite a lot metter of luck to land. Superman, nohander , no foot cancans, would look pretty sick from first person view.

    8. Rocks

    I found that some rocks are not solid objects so you can fell throw them.

    9. Handling

    10. Put some “in development” article on the biggest MTB sites to get some popularity, especially on there is few milions of potencional players of your upcoming game.

    Sometimes the bike controling is pretty weird, especially when hitting some small terrain inperfections when turning. Would be cool to add more options for handling and controling bike, maybe somehow remake some bike mechanics.

    thats all my points and ideas for the moment. I hope you dont die of old age reading it 😀 Its incredible how much fun and stuff to do is in such “small” game. Keep the good work!

    And here is my short video

  7. Omg! Yes this game is back on 😀 its so much fun!! I’ve also just discovered the weird water works thing with the creepy music! It scared the living crap outta me!!
    I’m also wondering whether this, because it’s developed in unity, will it come to iOS and andriod???

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