Hi, People! Thanx4you!!!
New version 0.4 is almost ready!
Now I make some tests and corrections.
Sorry, I have so not enough time for video presentation or simple screenshot!
Sorry! I cant post reply for your questions.
Ok, the new features of v.0.4:

offline multiplayer for 5 players
vote system
physics fixes:)
air control return
new freeride map
xbox360 controller full support with feedback
replay camera placement

Release date Jule,19-21.


9 responses to “

  1. Очень круто. Жду 19/20/21 числа с нетерпением *-*
    Жалко только, что мультиплеер оффлайн, но я уверен, в будующем можно будет и по сети)

  2. Ребят давайте побыстрее. Я в понедельник из города уезжаю.

  3. This game is just awesome! It reminds me of my long bike trips when I lived in the mountains. Perfectly physics is very realistic. Keep this up! Thank you!

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